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Welcome to Equanimity Farm in the heart of Brookfield, New Hampshire. We are a 15 acre Equine Boarding Facility, Event Complex, and Gallery nestled in the foothills in proximity to the nearby Moose Mountain Recreation Area and Ellis R. Hatch, Jr. Wildlife Management Areas. Pastures on the property meander through wooded areas and are dotted with mounds of ash, grey and white birch, oak pine and mixed wooded forest. Located on Governor Wentworth Highway (aka NH Route 109) at the Lyford Road fork, several doors from the historic Brookfield Town Hall, Equanimity Farm was formerly known as “Brookfield Corner Farm”.

After a period of renovation in the Spring and Summer of 2020, the current owners, Beverly Wyman-Stratton and Gus Stratton opened their doors to boarders and day riders in October 2020. Initially conceived as a facility devoted to the discipline of dressage that continues to this day, we have expanded our training and clinical programs to also feature the relatively newer discipline of Working Equitation and offer professional sound system support for riders interested in Equestrian Freestyle. This year promises to be exciting with the opening of our event facility in the renovated Antique Barn to be available for weddings, private parties, business meetings, and intimate musical concerts. In addition, although less conspicuously, we’ve added an Art Gallery, GG Stratton Fine Arts, that specializes in Antique Architectural Prints but will be featuring artwork by local artists as well.

The Heart and Soul of Equanimity Farms

Beverly Stratton
Co-Owner / Equine Facility Director

Beverly, the heart and soul of Equanimity Farms, embodies a unique blend of passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication. With a warm and welcoming spirit, she stands as the driving force behind the equine haven’s commitment to excellence. Beverly’s love for horses is not only evident in her extensive experience but also in the genuine care and attention she pours into every aspect of Equanimity Farms. Her nurturing presence creates a haven for both horses and humans alike, fostering an atmosphere where connections flourish and dreams come to life. As a co-founder and visionary, Bev’s personal touch is woven into the fabric of Equanimity Farms, making it a place where each guest feels not only welcomed but embraced by the true essence of equine grace and hospitality.

Gus Stratton
Co-Owner / Grounds, Maintenance, & Landscaping Design, Gallery Director


In Memory of our Beloved Greeter & Sentry

Our Facilities

Among the pastoral fields and pastures there is accessibility to a number of off-property trails for trail riding, hiking during the Spring, Summer and Fall, as well as snow-mobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing in the winter. Roads that meander around the paddocks also provide a pleasant pathway for riding around the property and taking in the scenic landscape. Convenient and accessible on-site trailer parking is available to boarders, clinic attendees and show participants. Probably the most prominent feature of the equine facility includes a very well lit 80′ x 200′ indoor arena with geotextile footing that is regularly groomed, an adjacent 15-stall stable with wash stall, equipped with running hot water, and overhead heat lamps. Stall dimensions range from 10′ x 12′ to 12′ x 12.’ There are 15 individual private tack lockers, with ample storage for two saddles, miscellaneous tack, boots, and grooming accessories. There is also an adjacent outdoor arena with comparable dimensions and footing as the indoor arena.

Above the stables, on the second floor, overlooking the indoor arena, there is a recently renovated observation area that is heated and is a very comfortable gathering place during equestrian and other events. Professional Sound System with 2000W speakers on the second floor is available by arrangement for those interested in Equestrian Freestyle. There are two restrooms to the right of the stairway on the second floor, and a small restroom inside the utility room on the first floor adjacent to the wash stall. Behind the Observation area is another gallery that can also be used for informational seminars, and small group presentations. Behind this gallery is the entrance to the hay loft that extends toward the front of the building and can hold as many as 800-900 bales of hay. Both the indoor and outdoor arena footing is composed of a geotextile-fiber uniquely designed for the needs of dressage horses and riders. The indoor arena is groomed daily throughout the year, and the outdoor arena is seasonally groomed. We have 7 standard sized paddocks for individual horses, and two larger paddocks that can accommodate 2-4 horses each. The paddock on the hill has a run-in shed large enough for two horses.

There is a large central pasture that was seeded with perennial and annual rye, endophyte-free tall fescue, white clover, orchard grass, Timothy, and Kentucky Blue grass and this is used largely for hand grazing. There is a large partially enclosed manure pile just to the South of the central pasture where manure is rotated and turned regularly to help generate very fine aerated organic compost that is useful as a very rich organic fertilizer and soil amendment for use in gardens and can be spread on fields.

In the front of the property there is a charming antique barn, of post & beam construction, dating back to 1820 and is the centerpiece of our wedding and special events venue. This antique barn was recently partially renovated with a large central staircase that descends from the second floor mezzanines on the left and right of the central portion or nave of the barn. There is a large deck out back from the rear door of the antique barn, and this overlooks the facade and entryway to the main stable and arena complex across the quad, and there is also a stairway that descends down from this deck to a brick patio on the level of the quad.

Our Facilities

Equanimity Farms stands as a multifaceted destination, offering a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern amenities across its diverse facilities. The antique barn, a crown jewel on our grounds, serves as a captivating venue for weddings, corporate events, and musical concerts, exuding rustic elegance and timeless allure. Immerse yourself in artistic splendor at the “GG Stratton Fine Arts” gallery, where a curated collection of architectural technical drawings from the 1800s transports visitors through a journey of creative and historical exploration. Our state-of-the-art horse stables provide unparalleled comfort for our equine companions, while the indoor riding arena ensures year-round equestrian pursuits. Venture outdoors to our expansive riding areas, where the outdoor riding arena and lush outer grounds offer a picturesque backdrop for riders and spectators alike. Each facility at Equanimity Farms is designed with a commitment to excellence, providing a space where love for horses, appreciation for the arts, and the joy of celebrations converge in perfect harmony.

Client Testimonials

Equanimity farm is beautiful Bev And Gus own it and they are so welcoming they make you feel right at home I loved it when I visited they really put there whole heart into it I would definitely take the time to visit you will be amazed

Mazelle Wood

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