Full Board

  • 15 Matted stalls ranging from 10’x12′ to 12’x12′ (depending on availability). Stalls are cleaned/mucked daily with bedding consisting of stall pellets.

  • Hay (1st and 2nd Cut) is fed four times daily

  • Grain is fed twice daily

  • Supplements supplied by boarding client/horse owner and administered by staff as directed

  • Blanketing, Booting, Fly Spray (In Season)

  • Daily turnout weather permitting

  • There are 7 individual paddocks, and 2 larger paddocks that can accommodate 2-4 horses each

  • Round pens are available for rehab and medical containment as may be indicated

  • Central pasture planted with blend of endophyte free tall fescue, perennial and annual rye, clover, orchard grass, Timothy and Kentucky Blue for hand grazing.

  • Storage lockers assigned for each horse/boarder

Training & Instruction

  • Individual dressage and riding lessons are available by arrangement with our dressage trainer, Gold Medalist, Jennifer Wilson-Horr of Cedar Hill Farm in Springvale, Maine.

  • Individual and Group lessons for Ease of Handling, Working with Obstacles and Dressage related to Working Equitation can be arranged with Working Equitation Trainer, Stephanie Hayes who has been presenting clinics on a monthly basis.

Ancillary Services

While we realize many riders have long established relationships with various providers of equine services, some may require services that they may not have used in the past. Feel free to ask us about the following service providers in the area or with whom we have experience.

  • Farriers &Natural Hoof care providers

  • Massage Therapists

  • Equine Acupuncture

  • Equine Chiropractic

  • Saddle Fitters

  • Nutritional Consultants

  • Equine Transport Services