Working Equitation Clinic
27 Apr
Until 28 Apr

Working Equitation Clinic

Join us for a day of equestrian excellence as Equanimity Farms proudly hosts a Working Equitation Clinic, led by the renowned clinician, Stephanie Hayes.

Stephanie brings her insightful expertise and infectious enthusiasm to help you and your horse reach new heights. Her hands-on approach, combined with her deep understanding of equitation, promises to elevate your riding skills and deepen your connection with your equine partner.

This unique event will highlight two key aspects of Working Equitation: "Ease of Handling" and "Dressage".

🏇 Ease of Handling – Learn how to navigate through complex obstacles with grace and precision. Stephanie will guide you through techniques that emphasize the harmony between horse and rider, ensuring seamless communication and unrivaled performance.

🎩 Dressage – Discover the art of dressage, where horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements. Stephanie will share her dressage secrets, empowering you to showcase your horse's flexibility, obedience, and athleticism.

Whether you're an amateur rider or a seasoned professional, this clinic offers a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. Come and experience the thrill of Working Equitation in the serene and supportive environment of Equanimity Farms.

Secure your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable equestrian journey at Equanimity Farms with Stephanie Hayes!

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